Learning Microsystems through Problem Solving Kit

(formerly MEMS Innovators)


The Learning Microsystems through Problem Solving Kit engages the participants in a team project to design and develop a MEMS component that can be used in a specific application.  The team builds a model component using a variety of materials available in the kit.  During the development of the MEMS component, the team is required to discuss and develop a fabrication process. The activity outcomes include the model of a MEMS component, an outline of the component's fabrication process, and a team presentation on its component.

This activity can be used with the SCME Transducer, Sensors, and Actuator Learning Module, or as a capstone activity for a MEMS or Microtechnology Introduction course or curriculum.  In order to get the most from this exercise, participants should already have a basic understanding of MEMS applications, components, and fabrication processes.  The kit contains enough material for a team of 4-6 participants.

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Where can I use this?
This kit is a good way to finish a unit on MEMS applications and fabrication.  Students work in teams and apply what they have learned to solve a specific problem using a MEMS device as a solution.  They apply basic MEMS design and fabrication processes and create a model device using the supplied materials.  Teams present their work to demonstrate not only their technical knowledge, but also their ability to problem solve in a team and communicate their results.