Washington Engineering Institute (WEI) and the

 Southwest Center for Microsystems Education (SCME)


Hands-on Microtechnology in the Classroom (January 13, 2014)

Please join WEI and SCME for a full day of hands-on classroom activities related to STEM and Microtechnology concepts that can easily be incorporated into your existing curricula. 


When: Monday, January 13, 2014, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Where: Washington Engineering Institute (WEI), Bellingham, WA


The workshop includes the following:

  • Detailed instruction in microtechnology topics
  • Specific information on using classroom kits to teach microtechnology topics
  • Coverage of SCME kits' materials and supporting learning modules
  • Time to discover how the kits and learning modules meet the STEM standards
  • Strategies for incorporating the topics and activities into your curricula

Hands-on Kits Briefly Demonstrated

  • Rainbow Wafer Kit (Microfilms in Microtechnology)
  • Crystallography in Microtechnology Kit
  • DNA Microarray Kit (i.e., GeneChip Model Kit)

Hands-on Kits covered in entirety:

  • Dynamic Cantilever Activity and Kit
    • In this hands-on activity participants discover how microcantilever-based MEMS work in the dynamic mode of operation and how a cantilever's length, width, thickness and material affects its harmonic motion or resonant frequency. Participants simulate a cantilever's operation under various "loads" or mass. SCME's Dynamic Cantilever Kit provides the supplies and instructions for this activity.
  • Pressure Sensor Model Activity and Kit
    • In this hands-on activity participants simulate the operation of a MEMS pressure sensor by building a macro-sized model of a pressure sensor.  Workshop topics include analysis of simple series and parallel electronic circuits, the series-parallel Wheatstone bridge circuit, strain gauges, how a MEMS pressure senor works -its applications, and fabrication process.  Activities include measuring resistance, voltage and current, comparing the resistivity characteristics of various materials, building a working macro-sized pressure sensor and testing the pressure sensor for changes in voltage due to changes in pressures.  This workshop uses SCME's Pressure Sensor Model Kit to provide hands-on learning of many of these activities.

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