MNT 2016 Conference In , June 28th - 30th, 2016

The MNT ATE Centers would like to invite you to the 5th annual Micro Nano Tech conference!

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Check out our latest publication "Teach MEMS On a Tight Budget" - March Issue of Tech Directions! This was a colalboratively written article between Matthias Pleil and G.H. Massiha.  "GH" attended one of SCME's pressure sensor cleanroom workshops at our Univeristy of South Florida partner site.  GH uses and advocates the use of SCME materials in STEM classes.

The Southwest Center for Microsystems now has 11 kits available for purchase!

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Newsflash: SCME now has a YouTube Channel - check out our animations and short lectures - we will be adding to this selection - use them to learn more about Microsystems applications and fabrication!

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This past year, SCME completed the production of the GeneChip Model kit.  The GeneChip model kit supports our newest Learning Module – DNA Microarrays.  The Learning Module booklet and kit were designed to be used by instructors and students in technology curricula to show the use and function of DNA Microarrays, as well as to demonstrate how microtechnology is used in the fabrication of these devices. 


For 2011-2012, “MEMS packaging” is at the top the list for new Learning Modules and kits. SCME, in conjunction with the University of New Mexico, developed a package for a MEMS pressure sensor that allows handling and testing of the otherwise fragile device.  We are currently in the process of creating an instructional kit and supporting materials that simulate the packaging process as well as allow the students to test a packaged MEMS pressure sensor using standard testing tools. 


To date, SCME has developed 150 SCOs (shareable content objects), making up over 30 Learning Modules and incorporating 11 classroom kits.  Each of our kits supports at least one, and sometimes more of our Learning Modules. 


For all of our materials, it is important that we receive feedback from our users.  Feedback allows us to determine if we are meeting our target audiences’ needs. Providing feedback is easy.  We have a link on our website - “SCO Feedback” under Educational Materials.



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