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Laverdure Lauds SIPI Student Darwin Cajero as Featured Speaker at 150th Anniversary Celebration for the Morrill Land-grant

"WASHINGTON, D.C.—Acting Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Donald E. “Del” Laverdure lauded Darwin Cajero, a student at the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) in Albuquerque, N.M., who was a featured speaker at the sesquicentennial celebration of the Morrill Land-grant Act of 1862, this past Tuesday, June 26, 2012, at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center."

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From the Desk of Nader Vadiee

To Our Colleagues and Partners in the Native American STEM Education;

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) is a federally-operated college funded through the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).  The College is advised by a national tribally appointed Board of Regents, established to provide technical and higher education at the associate degree and certificate levels for members of federally recognized tribes.  The enrollment derives from over 100 different Indian tribes among approximately 500 students. Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute ( SIPI)  is an active  member of the  Tribal Colleges  and Universities Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs Working Group. .  SIPI Advanced Technology, Engineering, Engineering Technology programs are articulated with all the New Mexico four –year universities: UNM, NMSU, and NMTECH. SIPI offers the first two years of a four-year engineering program. The graduates from the program are accepted as juniors to Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, and Computer Engineering programs.  SIPI also offers an “Enrichment Year” program to prepare high school graduates in math, science, communication, and computer skills to be able to enter as SIPI freshman engineering students. The majority of our courses will transfer to any 4-year engineering program in the country. Also, when you check our website, you will find that our labs are state-of-the-art. We can say without exaggeration that they are the best educational labs in the state of New Mexico and among the best in the Southwest.

The Chronology of some of the SIPI Engineering Programs National Achievements and Awards:

  • The First Tribal Colleges Engineering and Engineering Technology Summer Institute
    • SIPI held the 2007 TCU’s Engineering Programs Summer Institute
  • The Second Tribal Colleges Engineering and Engineering Technology Summer Institute
    • SIPI held the 2008 TCU’s Engineering Programs Summer Institute
  • The Third Tribal Colleges Engineering and Engineering Technology Summer Institute
    • SIPI held the 2009 TCU’s Engineering Programs Summer Institute

– Carnegie and Case Foundations US Professor of the Year
• Professor Nader Vadiee selected as the “2009 New Mexico Professor of The Year “
– Argonne National Wind Turbine Challenge
• SIPI Students 2010 championship winners
– Argonne National Bio-fuel Challenge
• SIPI Students 2011 Championship winners
– Sandia NL University Alliance MEMS Competition
• SIPI team completed and submitted the 2012 MEMS Design Competitions – Students presentations on May 15, at the SNL presentations and award 2012.

For updates on the news and events of the Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs, the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI)-a national community college for Native Americans, please visit the following news links page on the SIPI website:

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Nader Vadiee, Ph.D.

Faculty and Coordinator,

Engineering Programs,

Department of Advanced Technical Education,

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute,

"A National American Indian Community College ",

P.O. Box 10146, Albuquerque, NM 87184,

9169 Coors Blvd., NW Albuquerque, NM 87120

Phone: 505-792-4618, Fax: 505-346-7733

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SIPI - Advanced Technical Education


Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) - Engineering Programs - Education - Albuquerque, NM | Facebook

" Developing and Sustaining Stewardship for Native Americans Human, Energy, and Environmental Resources through VIP ROSE STEM Communities "

VIP ROSE STEM : Vertically Integrated Pyramid for Research, Outreach, and Student Education in Science, Techhnology, Engineering, and Mathematics


From the desk of Nader Vadiee:

The SIPI Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems ( MEMS) Design team successfully submitted its final design ( Mayan Calendar ) to the 2012 Sandia National Labs Annual Competitions . The team, a true example of a VIP ROSE STEMS Team ( Vertically Integrated Pyramid for Research, Outreach, and Student Education in STEM ) , was comprised of:

  • Dr. Nader Vadiee, Project Faculty advisor/Coordinator,  SIPI/ATE, SIPI/SCME Co-PI
  • Dr. Massoud Ahgar , Faculty Advisor, SIPI/ATE
  • Dr. Zayd Leseman, Faculty Advisor, UNM/ME
  • Dr. Matt Pleil, Faculty Advisor, Faculty Advisor, UNM/SCME PI,
  • Mr. James Dunn, Project Manager, SIPI/BOR
  • Mr. Arash Mousavi, Graduate Student, UNM/ME,
  • Mr. Andrew Ian Young, Graduate Student , UNM/ME
  • Mr. Vince Watkins, Engineering Student, SIPI/ATE
  • Mr. Willie Stephens, Engineering Student, SIPI/ATE
  • Mr. Micah John, Engineering Student, SIPI/ATE

Vince Watkins has received a summer Job offer from Professor Zayd Leseman Research Group, at the University of New Mexico.


From the Desk of Nader Vadiee:

A team of SIPI students from the engineering programs, offers the " “Enginu-ing” & Design" workshop for the 2012 Sandia National Labs Dream Catcher Science Program. The “Enginu-ing & Design” workshop is comprised of Hands on  activities on Microsystems Education, Robotics, and CNC machines .

Course Offerings/2012 Curriculum
Dream Catcher Science Program - Coordinator
Karen McDaniel
( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
The participants may choose only ONE of the following four courses to register your student(s) into the science program. These courses will occur on the first two weekends of the program (June 16th and June 23rd). The third weekend (June 30th) will be the Museum Tour described below. That tour is open to all program participants.
“BLOWN AWAY” — Young Engineer's Wind Turbine
You will be “BLOWN AWAY” while discovering how Electrical and Mechanical Engineers can use their knowledge to build a wind turbine. Come and learn how to generate electricity out of thin air or even generate mechanical power that can lift a heavy weight. Build a wind turbine and learn how wind energy has been used for centuries while also learning how it is being used to power our world today! Are you ready to explore? (Grades 6-12)
The MAD SCIENTIST's Chemistry Lab
Come learn the secrets to being a Mad Scientist! Learn to harvest the power of toms and how to combine chemicals to make a rocket car, space-worthy door locks, or that perfect cup of hot cocoa. Chemistry is the answer my friends! All new mad scientists are welcome, no previous experience necessary! (Grades 6-12)
FUN–damentals of Physics
Come learn the basic and fundamentals of physics, through hands on projects. Push the unknown weights around. Hook in knowledge that springs you forward. Gravitate minds to handle hands-on projects. Use a pulley to lessen the bearing loads of new knowledge. And have fun! (Grades 6-12)
“Enginu-ing” & Design
Learn techniques to be an “ingenious” engineer through engineering practices, applying design methods and the defining traits of a successful engineer. Ingenious students are introduced with hands-on activities in robotics, nano and micro engineering and by using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and laser-cutter machines. (Grades 6-12)

From the Desk of Nader Vadiee, 4/11/2012:

SIPI Engineering Programs students grabbed the highest number of the 2012 NASA Summer Research Experience positions among the Tribal Colleges. The following SIPI Engineering Programs students have been accepted for the 2012 NASA Summer Research Experience internship positions:

Carl Little
Wallace Dale
Cody Horne
Vincent Watkins
Kevin Blackhorse



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