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5-day SCME Pressure Sensor Cleanroom Workshop

This workshop is for College Faculty only!

Workshop Description

The purpose of these workshops is to provide an opportunity to learn how to integrate Microsystems Technology into STEM curriculum.  You will learn how to use select SCME’s kits in the classroom and be provided hands-on experience on the process steps for fabricating a MEMS micro-pressure sensor in a research cleanroom.  

Each participant will actively complete the following SCME kits:

Crytallography, Rainbow Wafer, Pressure Sensor Model, Lift-off, Pressure Sensor Process, MEMS: Making Micro Machines, MEMS Innovators.

Required Preparation

Participants are required to complete the online safety learning module (see links below) and score above a 90% on the online practice exam.  A written exam will be given covering the materials which must be passed before entry into the cleanroom will be allowed.   Revieiwing the online educaitonal materials pertaining to this topic is encouraged.

Cleanroom activities:

PS Activity 1: Plasma Etch and resist strip, PS Activity 2: Frontside Lithography and Metal Deposition, PS Activity 3: Test and Probe


To see a complete set of these Learning Modules - create an account on this website - login and go to the Educational Materials link.  One item you may wish to review is the:Pressure Sensor Fabrication Module

**** Click to Apply - Deadline December 13 -

Pressure Sensor Application


Once accepted - please review the following information and follow these instructions




Workshop at a Glance

Pressure Sensor and Kit Workshop – SCME – UNM MTTC –

January 4 – 8, 2011






at the MTTC




Day 1



Learning Module Overview

MEMS DVD / discussion

Or Remedial Safety for those who didn’t complete safety online module

Website Overview

Homework: (DVD ACs)


Process flowchart followed by flash movie


PS process storyboard


Safety review and

Cleanroom tour – 2hr


Written safety test – 50min

Day 2


PS Activity 1 – Cleanroom


MEMS DVD assessment / discussion.

Pressure Sensor Model Kit


Review DVD ACs

MEMS DVD assessment / discussion.

Pressure Sensor Model Kit

PS Activity 1 - Cleanroom

Day 3


PS Activity 2


Crystallography and Rainbow wafer kits


Crystallography and Rainbow wafer kits

PS Activity 2

Day 4


Crystallography Assessment (in groups)

Lift-off Kit

Micromachining PPT / crossword puzzle


PS Activity 3 – 2hr

Pressure Sensor Process Kit

WB assessment


Day 5

A and B





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