NewsFlash: Bosch surpasses 3 Billion sensors Sold!

You may or may not know that Bosch not only produces spark plugs but also fabricates hundreds of different MEMS sensors and actuators.  They invented to "Bosch Process" which allows MEMS fabricators to create extemely high aspect ratio structures in silicon.  Many of their MEMS sensor systems can be found in automobiles.  Most new cars comming out on the market have over 50 MEMS devices imbedded in them!

"Bosch supplies sensors for a wide range of applications in the consumer electronics and automotive industries. These sensors measure pressure, acceleration, rotary motion, mass flow, and the earth's magnetic field. Bosch has been at the forefront of MEMS technology since it first emerged, and today it generates more sales in the extremely dynamic MEMS sensor market than any other supplier. "

See:  Bosch Passes 3 billion mark in MEMS Sensor Production

Student Videos

These are a collection of videos made by students on MEMS related topics.  Many of these videos will have more than one link, for example, if you wish to download the MP4 only (and use Quicktime to view), you can right click on the MP4 link and select "save target as" or you can watch the video online by selecting the "streaming flash" version of the video link.

The follwing collection of videos were down as a student project to help train other students in Cleanroom Safety and Protocol.

  1. Virtual Cleanroom Tour by Jason Walker and Kristen Church - SIPI Students - Fall 2010 - Streaming Flash or MP4 Tour  --- Note, this video does have sound after the first several minutes.
  2. Gowning Procedures by Jason Walker - SIPI Student - Fall 2010 - Streaming Flash or MP4 versions
  3. Using PPE - Personal Protective Equipment - for Acid/Caustic benches - Jason Walker - SIPI Student Fall 2010 - Streaming or MP4 version


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