Supplemental Safety Information - focus is on Educators
We often receive requests from instructors, teachers and administrators regarding safety education.  While this is not our primary focuse, we have developed materials on safety as it applies to educating technicians in preparation to work in MEMS, Nano and Microsystems fabrication indsutries.
SCME has focused their safety modules as they apply to Clean Room protocol. You can view a listing of our Safety Modules here: SCME Safety Modules.
Here are some additional resources for Safety Materials – these are focused on requirements for teachers, I found Flin Scientific to have some good materials on general safety:
Flin Scientific has safety videos, could direct link to these as well.
for example the MSDS video can be found at:
and Hazard Communications, regulatory requirements for teachers:
National Science Education Leadership Association:
OSHA also has a lot of information on Safety including
Recommended Training Curriculum Guidelines for creating a site-specific curriculum:
An AFT presentation to teachers (ppt)



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