News Flash: MicroGen is a relatively new company making MEMS energy harvesters based on a cantilever design developed at Cornell.  Read about a recent deal we're these devices will be fabricated in Lubbock Texas, at x-fab in the Rochester Business Journal.  The SCME has a suite of learning modules and a hands on kit to learn how micro cantilevers work.  

SCME produced Animations

In addition to the links below, you can also watch several of our animations through our YouTube channel: SCME on YouTube

Cleaving (111) Crystal Silicon and (100) wafers - this short animation is good to view after going through the crystallography learning module and after doing the "breaking wafer" activity.

Crystal Origami - short animation showing how to construct the crystal model - based on Jack Judy's Silicon Crystal Origami model.  IPod MP4 file

Cantilever Array Animation - depicts the final step in fabricating an array of cantilevers used in a chemical sensor array, for example.

Backside Pressure Sensor Etch - depicts the process of completing the backside etch of the SCME pressure sensor  (anisotropic etch of crystalline silicon)

Pressure sensor process animation gives the viewer an overview of the pressure sensor process used at the MTTC and now at both the NDSCS CNTT - Center for Nanoscience Technology Training in North Dakota and the University of South Florida's Nanotechnology Research Education Center.



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