SCME at HI TEC 2011 - Success!

The HI TEC conference held in San Francisco was a great success!  As an Executive Producer, SCME provided 25 conference passes to educators, brought in about a dozen partners as well as giving a 1/2 day pre-conference workshop, three presentations and manned a booth at the showcase.  The display and presentation of our hands-on kits were a hit as well!  Click "Read More" to see the presentations!

The pre-conference workshop was presented by Matthias Pleil with Barbara Lopez with assistance from Smokey Trujillo, Adrian Sebborn - two of the best high school teachers in the country, Fabian Lopez - the founder of the MEMS program at CNM, and Jim Hyder, SCME's Industry Liaison and Synergy Coach.  David Hata participated as our external evaluator and photographer.

Pre Conference Workshop presentations - Pressure Sensor Macro Model

Of course, the entire Learnining Module is available in the educational materials section of the web site.

From Making to Testing Micro Transducers in the Classroom–Hands-on Kits for STEM Education - Pleil


Building Your Micro-Nano Curriculum Session - Presentations

Matthias Pleil co-presented with Bob E., Deb N, and Abe M from NACK, Nano-Link and NEATEC, respectively, on what our MNT consortium has to offer and some feedback from the MNT Conference 1.

Jim Hyder's SCME Presentations

Jim presented in two separate sessions (good job Jim)!