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As you may or should know, NDSCS Rocks!  North Dakota State College of Science is the only one of our many partners has made the leap to teaching the SCME 4 day Pressure Sensor Cleanroom Workshop outside of New Mexico's UNM MTTC.  WOW!  They did great - here are some quotes from the participants:

  1. I expected to learn some great information, but I did not expect to leave with a general understanding of the entire process. I can hardly wait to tell people about what I experienced.
  2. I learned some of the concepts behind nano techniques. This can be taken back to my classroom to add real-life applications for theories we already teach.
  3. Instructors are extremely clear in their explanations. There is a great mix of lab supported by materials and lecture. Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and competent. There is a great mix of the disciplines all coming together to teach the concepts.
  4. I am now familiar with SCME and many of the kit contents.
  5. The information was thorough, the instruction was very personal and outstanding. I will be in contact in the future with these instructors to discuss ways to bring these concepts to all grade levels and content areas.

And when asked if, when and where they would use the materials:

  1. I am currently doing outreach, but I plan to use my kit to explain the general process to others.
  2. Lift-off kit for introductory chem lab.
  3. I will use the crystallography in earth science and the sensor activities in advanced biology.
  4. Pressure Sensor Model Activity Kit (#9). I will use this with the Society of Physics Students group (about 15 students).
  5. Chemistry concepts, manufacturing processes and basics of nanotechnology application.

This is really awesome for a first timer!


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