ABQ High School Intro to MEMS Students get experience in a cleanroom!

Watch the slide show and video: http://bit.ly/21S6WiI

This is a series of articles we have put together over the years which highlight the Microsystems (MEMS) skill sets, knowledge, job opportunities and industry needs for 2yr Micro/Nano graduates.  This article will be added to from time to time and is intended to bring together a story as to why a college would want to consider integrating Microsystems curriculum (our Learning Modules and kits) into their STEM courses and even conisder offering courses and a program in Microsystems.

SCME Industry Survey - Poster Presentation - Analysis summary of 68 MEMS, Semiconductors and Capital Equipment/Support companies showing significant technician hiring and new position creation across the nation.

WorkKeys Job Profile Report - MEMS Technician - David Licht and Matthias Pleil - we did this job profile to better understand exactly what a MEMS technician does in the cleanroom.  This was done using the WorkKeys system of in depth job profiling.

Knowledge and Skills Needed by MEMS Technologists as Ascertained by Industry Survey and Job Profiling - Matthias Pleil - this presentation was give at the 2007 NSF ATE PI conference in Washington DC - Keeping Programs Viable and Sustainable.

Needs Assessment for the CNM Small Tech (MEMS) Program - Matthias Pleil - This 2008 report is still applicable today.  It shows a regional need for MEMS/Microsystems skilled technicians.


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