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Have you ever wondered where the term "MEMS" came from?

Read J.E. Wood's account:

Click Here:  pdf  A brief history of the term Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

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SCME Evaluation Handbook and Reports

The SCME has produced many evaluation reports through the years and has decided to start sharing these in the public domain.

In order to articulate and maintain a set of processes and procedures, SCME has produced an Evaluation Handbook which is a living document - we will be updating our evaluation processes/proceedures and survey instruments periodically.  Each new revision will be shared on this website so that others can adapt/modify there own evaluation processes.

This article will give you links these reports and will be continuously updated.  If you have questions - please address them to Dr. Matthias Pleil, the SCME Principal Investigator.

2017 SCME Evaluation Report

2016 SCME Evaluation Report

2015 SCME Evaluation Report

The SCME Evaluation Handbook (12/2014 revision)

2014 MNT Conference Evaluation report

2014 - SCME Evaluation Report 

The SCME Evaluation Handbook (12/2013 revision)

2013 - SCME Evaluation - Final Report for DUE# 0902411

2013 - SCME Evaluation .pdf

2012 - SCME Evaluation.pdf

2011 - SCME Evaluation .pdf

2010 SCME Evaluation.pdf

2004-2009 SCME Final.pdf - the first Center Grant

2009 SCME Evaluation.pdf

2008 SCME Evaluation.pdf



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