From the Desk of Nader Vadiee:

A team of SIPI students from the engineering programs, offers the " “Enginu-ing” & Design" workshop for the 2012 Sandia National Labs Dream Catcher Science Program. The “Enginu-ing & Design” workshop is comprised of Hands on  activities on Microsystems Education, Robotics, and CNC machines .

Course Offerings/2012 Curriculum
Dream Catcher Science Program - Coordinator
Karen McDaniel
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The participants may choose only ONE of the following four courses to register your student(s) into the science program. These courses will occur on the first two weekends of the program (June 16th and June 23rd). The third weekend (June 30th) will be the Museum Tour described below. That tour is open to all program participants.
“BLOWN AWAY” — Young Engineer's Wind Turbine
You will be “BLOWN AWAY” while discovering how Electrical and Mechanical Engineers can use their knowledge to build a wind turbine. Come and learn how to generate electricity out of thin air or even generate mechanical power that can lift a heavy weight. Build a wind turbine and learn how wind energy has been used for centuries while also learning how it is being used to power our world today! Are you ready to explore? (Grades 6-12)
The MAD SCIENTIST's Chemistry Lab
Come learn the secrets to being a Mad Scientist! Learn to harvest the power of toms and how to combine chemicals to make a rocket car, space-worthy door locks, or that perfect cup of hot cocoa. Chemistry is the answer my friends! All new mad scientists are welcome, no previous experience necessary! (Grades 6-12)
FUN–damentals of Physics
Come learn the basic and fundamentals of physics, through hands on projects. Push the unknown weights around. Hook in knowledge that springs you forward. Gravitate minds to handle hands-on projects. Use a pulley to lessen the bearing loads of new knowledge. And have fun! (Grades 6-12)
“Enginu-ing” & Design
Learn techniques to be an “ingenious” engineer through engineering practices, applying design methods and the defining traits of a successful engineer. Ingenious students are introduced with hands-on activities in robotics, nano and micro engineering and by using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and laser-cutter machines. (Grades 6-12)