DNA Microarray Model Kit (formerly GeneChipTM Model Kit)


This kit supports the DNA Microarray Learning Module.

The kit provides participants an opportunity to understand the photolithography fabrication process used to build a GeneChip, a DNA microarray developed by Affymetrix.  Participants will simulate fabrication of a three oligonucleotide (oligo) 8 x 8 array.  The activity also allows participants to "hybridize" oligos to sample DNA sequences, and to determine the reliability of the DNA microarray test by interpreting the "hybridized" oligos. Participants build a portion of a DNA microarray using a substrate, several masks, and different colored beads, each color representing a nucleotide base (adenine, quinine, cytosine, or thymine).

The DNA Microarray Model Kit contains two array boards, beads that represent DNA's four nucleotide bases, photolithography masks, and test sample DNA models. A DNA Microarray Instructor Guide and Participant Guide are included in the kit.  The DNA Microarray Learning Module can be download from the SCME website and printed if additional copies are needed.

Number of participants per kit:  2 groups of 2 to 4 participants per group


How can I use this kit?

This kit can be used has a hands-on demonstration of how a gene-chip is made and to reinforce basic principles of DNA sequencing and identification.  These arrays allow one to identify thousands of genes simultaneously with the use of modern biotech methods allowing the creation of microarrays consisting of hundreds or thousands gene sequences. The probe sequences are designed, then fabricated on the chips to detect the complementary DNA fragments of a sample.

BioTech classes, Biology and organic chemistry classes may find this kit exactly what you need to supplement the text book reading and exercises.  Combined with the entire BioMEMS suite of educational materials available for download, your students will complete this exercise with a much better understanding of DNA  sequencing and the application of technology to identify specific anomalies.

There are several animations available as well to supplement these materials.



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