Micro Pressure Sensor Process Kit

(Formerly the Pressure Sensor Process Kit)


This kit is supported by the MTTC Pressure Sensor Process Learning Module.

Participants learn a specific micropressure sensor fabrication process and then using this kit to demonstrate they understanding of the process. The kit consists of two sets of 10 small magnifying boxes in a tray, each box containing a chip that represents one step of a ten-step fabrication process.  The process is explained in detail in the included MTTC Pressure Sensor Process Learning Module – Book 1 and 2, and the Pressure Sensor Process Storyboard Booklet

One set of 10 chips is used for reference and the other set is used to complete the activities. Participants study each chip and arrange the ten chips in the correct process order, from the bare silicon to the last pressure sensor fabrication step.

This kit can be used as an inquiry activity to get the participants interested in the process and then completed again to demonstrate their understanding of the process once they have studied it.        

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Where can I use this kit?

Teaching microfabrication can be used in a multidisciplinary, applied STEM capstone unit.  Students learn the step-by-step process of making a micro pressure sensor and relate each step of the process to the chips in the kit.  This is a unique process in that both sides of the wafer are patterned, etched and processed to complete this device.  Integrated circuits for computers are fabricated only on the top-side of the wafer. The students refer to the process documentation and through direct observation (inspection) of the individual chips, determine which chip goes with which process step. 

All STEM disciplines can benefit from this kit!  At each process step, one can delve into the details and learn the physics, chemistry, engineering, or mathematics concepts that are required to understand the process steps and see the result of the process application in the fabrication of a MEMS device.




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