MEMS: Making Micro Machines DVD Kit


Note: This kit is only available to educational institutions at this special price. If you are a corporate user, you may purchase the DVD directly from Silicon Run Productions and download the supplemental educational materials from this SCME website.

This kit consists of a DVD and the MEMS: Making Micro Machines Learning Module with supporting activities and assessments. The film, "MEMS:  Making Micro Machines", is produced and directed by Ruth Carranza of Silicon Run Productions.  Dr. Pleil acted as the chair to the advisory board and consulted with Ruth on this project.
The kit can be used as part of an introduction to MEMS or Microsystems Technology course or unit. It provides participants with an overview of MEMS, their applications, design and fabrication. The DVD may be viewed in sections, allowing time for discussion and activities before the next topic is introduced.
Key devices detailed are the Texas Instruments Digital Mirror Device, the HP inkjet print head and Freescales' inertial sensors.

Where can I use this kit?

This is a great film for students interested in advanced technology careers or education.  Animations on the process steps are very insightful in showing how these devices are actually made and function.  Many of the scenes are shot in actual cleanrooms at both Texas Instruments and Hewlett-Packard giving students an idea of the various jobs they could do in these environments.  The segment from Freescale provides insight into how design engineers work and interface with the customer.

This film can also be used to give students a reason to consider a STEM career and to focus on learning the material presented in their STEM classes.  We recommend all STEM educators to acquire this film, watch it and find ways to excite students.  It can be shown in small parts, divided into three main sections of approximately 15 minutes each.


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