SCME and Partners at the MNT 2012 Conference

SCME had three posters and two presentations at the MNT2012 Conference held at the "Penn Stater" at Penn State University. 

Our sub-awardee, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, was supported by SCME and James Dunn presented for Dr. Nader Vadiee on their work.

Our partner, Robert Tufts, was supported by SCME and he presented a presentation and one poster highlighting our collaboration and the NREC (Nano Research and Education Center) facility.

Tim Dallas' was also invited by SCME - where he demonstrated his groups "Class on a Chip" system based on a series of devices designed by his students and fabricated on Sandia National Laboratory.

SCME Posters:

The Industry Mapping and Survey Project - over 60 industries surveyed, all plan to higher technicians and most will grow their revenue.

Rainbow Wafer Kit - this represents the kit turned into an interactive display at the National Atomic Museum in Albquerque, NM.

Pressure Sensor Model Kit - one of SCME's most popular kit is reviewed in this poster.

SCME Presentations:

The SCME Pressure Sensor Model Kit - Understanding Microfabrication Processes in the Classroom

The SCME Pressure Sensor Workshop - Tech Transfer of an Innovative 4-day Cleanroom Workshop

NREC Presentation

Microsystems Workshop at the University of South Florida

NREC Poster

Nanotechnology Research and Education Center - USF

SIPI Presentation

Implementation of a Micro and Nano Technology Concentration in Tribal Community Colleges