Crystallography Workshop - Oklahoma 2012 Career Tech - Summer Conference - STEM Division Friday, August 3

Presentor: Matthias W. Pleil, SCME PI

This workshop will provide you, the STEM educator, with a hands-on approach to teaching crystallorgraphy and you will be equipped to teach how it applies to the making of your students' hign tech electronic gadgets and a future career in the Microsystems industry!  Each participant will interact with three classroom activities and be provided with a set of materials and resources including instrutor and student guides, animations and hands-on classroom materials.  You and your student will never look at a crystal in the same way!

Participants are encouraged to create an account on the SCME website and log in to get access to all our instructor educational materials.

Workshop Presentations:

SCME - Who we are and What we do!

Crystallography Overview

Learning Module:

Crystallography Overview Participant Guide


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