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Dr. Pleil with Student at the MTTC
Teaching students about Microsystems Fabrication
Barbara Lopez at the MTTC
Teaching students the importance of safety in the clean room
Mathew, Olivia and Andy
Developing the chamber (backside) pressure sensor pattern
Olivia in the MTTC
Olivia is an EET student from Ivy Tech learning about MEMS fabrication
March Reactive Ion Etcher
Etching the Silicon Nitride hard mask
Rick and Andy using the March RIE
Rick and Andy etching the backside chamber mask pattern into the silicon nitride hard mask.
Rick using the |dq|AAA|dq| rule
Rick from Rio Salado learning how to fabricate a MEMS Pressure Sensor at UNM's MTTC cleanroom
SCME PS Workshop
Team Work during the SCME 8/2015 PS Workshop
Metal Evaporation
SCME Workshop - Cr/Au evaporation

The Spring 2013 Webinar Series is now complete and all recorded sessions are available here.

View the last recorded webinar NOW!

Problem-Solving Tools Applied to Microfabrication (Recorded March 28, 2013)

In this webinar, attendees were presented with a real life example of a microsystems manufacturing problem.  Attendees used the tools of problem-solving, Statistical Process Control and Design of Experiments to solve the problem and recommend next steps. The link to the recorded webinar can be found below.

This recorded webinar is now available online. 

To view the recorded webinar for Problem-Solving Tools Applied to Microfabrication, click here for webinar. (NOTE: You will be asked for a name and email address.  It may take a couple minutes for the presentation to fully load.)

To download a pdf of the slides from DOE for Technicians, click here for slides.

To download the handout (with URL's from presentation), click here for handout.


To view any of the 12 recorded webinars, click here for the links.


These microsystems (MEMS) webinars target Community College, University and high school STEM educators and their students.  These webinars are free and are hosted by NetWorks.  All of these webinars will be held live so that you can join in on the presentation, ask questions, and interact with the presenters and other participants.  Each live webinar will be recorded.  This enables you to view them again later, or if you missed the live session, view the webinar for the first time.  You can also use the recorded webinar for classroom presentations. 

Each 90-minute session is presented by subject matter experts and includes screen sharing, live chat, polling, and Q & A between the audience and presenters.

For more detailed information on these webinars, call Anna Garden at 505-272-7157.  Follow SCME on Facebook for webinar updates, free microsystems Learning Module downloads and up- to- date MEMS information you can use in the classroom. 

All webinars include an introduction to the Southwest Center for Microsystems Education (SCME), America’s authority for microsystems (MEMS) education:

o Who are we?

o How do we enable educators to teach microsystems?

o How to access our “cleanroom in a box” kits, Learning Modules, and MEMS information via our website.

Completed and recorded Webinars

  • Introduction to Microsystems (MEMS)
  • How Do Microsystems Work?
  • Biomedical Applications of Microsystems (BioMEMS)
  • Topics on Microsystem Materials - Crystal Structures
  • Standard Micromachining Techniques
  • Making a Micropressure Sensor
  • Microsystem Processes Part I - Deposition
  • Microsystem Processes Part II - Photolithography and Etch
  • Problem-Solving for Technicians
  • Statistical Process Control for Technicians
  • Design of Experiments for Technicians
  • Problem-Solving Tools Applied to Microfabrication


Click here to access the recorded Webinars.



Barbara Lopez, Research Engineer - University of New Mexico (UNM)
In addition to her 13 years as a research engineer for UNM, Barb has been working with SCME since 2004 providing education materials and instructional design for MEMS and STEM Education.  She has also provided educational materials for technicians and engineers working in the semiconductor industry.

Before her work at UNM, Barbara worked at Intel Rio Rancho as an equipment capacity engineer, determining product loading and commitments.  She began her career at NASA, Johnson Space Center, working as an acoustic/vibration test engineer for space station payloads.

Mary Jane (MJ) Willis

MJ has been working with SCME since 2005 as a subject matter expert and instructional designer for SCME's educational materials.  For over 30 years she has designed and delivered educational and industrial training programs for community colleges and a variety of industries ranging from cereal manufacturing to semiconductor manufacturing.  She is a retired instructor and chair of the Manufacturing Technology Program at Albuquerque's Central New Mexico Community College.


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