This workshop is by invitation ONLY. 

SCME is offering a Micro Cleanroom Experience Workshop to participants that completed previous SCME sponsored Microsystems-related professional development events.  The purpose of this workshop is to provide more in-depth knowledge and experience of microfabrication processes and skills required of technicians working in a microfabrication (cleanroom) facility.

There are three mandatory components to this workshop:

  1. Introductory one-hour orientation webinar
  2. Online pre-cleanroom experience assignments covering cleanroom safety and processes
  3. 4-hours of hands-on experience working in the cleanroom environment, processing a silicon wafer

Below is a description of each workshop component:

Introductory one-hour webinar on June 18, 3-4 pm. Everyone planning to attend the hands-on cleanroom experience workshop must register for the webinar and either attend this webinar or view the webinar recording.  This webinar will provide the following information:

  1. An overview of the workshop: pre-workshop assignments, the hands-on cleanroom experience, and how this workshop benefits you and your students.
  2. How to access and use Moodle (learning management system) to complete the required, pre-workshop assignments.
  3. Overview of the hands-on cleanroom experience

I. Required Pre-workshop assignments:  Each participant will be required to complete four assignments prior to attending this workshop.  Completion of ALL assignments is mandatory in order to attend the hands-on cleanroom experience.  These components must be completed no later than July 6. The four assignments will be in Moodle and include the following:

  1. Safety – Safety reading materials and a safety quiz.  The quiz MUST be completed with 80% or better for cleanroom entry.
  2. MSDS for Buffered Oxide Etch – Activity and quiz.  The quiz MUST be completed with 80% or better.
  3. Photolithography Process – Reading materials, activity and quiz.
  4. Etch Process Overview – Reading materials, activity and quiz.
  5. Cleanroom Process Overview - Reading, summary and Mask assignment - covering what you will do in the cleanroom.   Note: the mask is the design you want on your wafer.

II. Hands-on Cleanroom Experience Workshop (4 hours):  ALL pre-workshop assignments must be completed and quizzes passed in order to participate in this cleanroom experience.This cleanroom experience consists of the following activities:

  1. A safety orientation and tour of the MTTC (Manufacturing Technology Training Center) cleanroom.
  2. Fabrication of an etched silicon wafer of your own design – To create an artwork wafer, each participant will use a photolithography process followed by a wet etch process to create a silicon wafer with your artwork mask. Participants will be able to keep their artwork wafer.

III. Hands-on Cleanroom Experience Schedule at the MTTC

The hands-on cleanroom experience workshops are schedule for the following dates and times.  Each workshop is limited to 6 people.  When you register, you will be asked to rank the days and times that best fit your schedule.  After the webinar, SCME will notify each registrant as to the specific workshop that they have been assigned.


Wednesday, July 8

Thursday, July 9

Friday, July 10

8 AM  - 12 PM




1 PM – 5 PM









The two groups, on each day, are encouraged to participate in a networking lunch at the Tango Café (at your own expense).  The Tango Café is located in the foyer of the MTTC Building.

These cleanroom experience workshops will be held at the University of New Mexico's South Campus, MTTC Building, 800 Bradbury SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Report to Room 160, downstairs at the end of the hall.


For more information, contact Anna Garden via email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

An example of the type of "art" wafer participants will create in the cleanroom. Participants will use their own designs.