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Upcoming SCME Planned Events

I wanted to let you know what we are planning so that you have an opportunity to "pencil us in" and provide input if you desire.  Going forward, we have tentatively planned to either sponsor, co-sponsor or participate in the following events.  Times are subject to change but as things get nailed down, we will add specifics to the website - Matthias Pleil

We can now offer personalized Webinars to your region/institution on any of our kits, and learning modules.  We can also offer you access to online short courses to meet your needs. 

See our Events Calendar, Scroll past to see a text listing and more details.



Spring 2014

Saturday Workshop Series at the MTTC

WEI Teacher Mini-Conference

Fall 2013

Microtechnology Workshop Series for STEM Education

There will be six workshops that focus on classroom activities related to STEM and microtechnology concepts that can easily be incorporated into your existing curricula.  Five of these workshops were included in our Summer 2013 HS STEM series.  We have added a sixth workshop - Comparison of Scale in which we cover weights & measures, unit conversions, and a study of objects at the micro and nanoscales.

Summer 2013

Summer Kit Workshop Series for HS STEM

July - University of Michigan Lurie Nanofabrication Center is hosting the SCME Pressure Sensor Workshop

July - Hi Tech Conference, Austin

Spring 2013

May 24  - APS/ASK/SCME collaborative - "MEMS to STEM" at the MTTC - by invitation only. 

May 21-23 - MNT Conference

May 14 - Sandia National Laboratories University Alliance MEMS Design Competition

May 8-10 - USF PS Workshop - by invitation only

May 6-9 - National Visiting Committee Meeting

April 22 - Industry Advisory Board Meeting

January - SCME with USF is presenting a three-day pressure sensor workshop! See January 2013 USF Pressure Sensor link

Check out the Spring Series of Webinars - all recorded

Fall 2012

MEMS workshop at NDSCS

University of Michigan Presentation at the LNF, Attendees included Washtenaw and Oakland Community Colleges as well as UM, LNF personel

New SCME webinar series

Tour of the MTTC with hands-on activites and MEMS presentation for the University of New Mexico Los Alamos  branch Nano Program students nts and faculty.  

National Science Foundation ATE PI conference - Washington DC - October, 23-26.  

NEW Conference - Hands-on Pressure Sensor Macro Model workshop.  This conference is sponsored in part by IVY Tech and the ATE Project MAT-ED

ATMAE Conference - three conference hands-on sessions and a showcase of SCME materials - check out the out page 9 on the program: ATMAE 2012 Conference Program

Summer 2012

Under another grant, UNM will be offering an Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology course, 4 weeks, 2 credit hours.  See: Intro to Nano

August - Two pressure sensor 4-day workshops, one at NDSCS's CNTT (North Dakota) and the other will be at USF's NREC (Florida).  Check out the drop down "SCME Events" for more Info!

July - HI TEC in Colorado, Denver - we will be showcasing our materials, giving a pre-conference workshop (DNA Micro Array Chip), and several presentations and a Poster!

June - NVC Meeting, Dream Catcher outreach at SIPI

Spring 2012

SCME is co-producer of the Micro Nano Tech conference being held at Penn State, May 7-9.  SCME will have several presentations, posters and will be showcasing our kits.

Dr. Pleil, the PI of the SCME, is also Co-PI on another Nano Grant - he and MJ will be putting on an Intro to Nanoscience and Nanotech workshop - May 12!

Make sure you check out our Webinar series!  If you miss one, you can go back and watch them!

USF Cleanroom Pressure Sensor 4-day Workshop - SCME is transfering its pressure sensor technology to the University of South Florida.  We will have our next Pressure Sensor Cleanroom Workshop at USF's Nanotechnolgy Research and Education Center the first week of January, 2012 - this is by invitation only.  We will be bring our curriculum developers, Barbara Lopez and MJ Willis to cross train USF personel and invited partners in our cleanroom based hands-on classroom kits.  The other half of the time will be spent in the cleanroom making the pressure sensors under the direction of Robert Tufts and associates.  We will have three sites across the United States which will be able to hold our 4 day Pressure Sensor Cleanroom Workshop!

Fall 2012

Check out our Webinar Series which will take you through the Spring of 2012!

ATMAE Conference in Cleveland - Early November

NEATEC Workshops!  End of November! - SCME PI - Matt Pleil will be presenting two workshops - Dynamic Cantilever and the Pressure Sensor Macro Model as well as a presentation and a showcase at NEATEC's conference - details are to be posted soon at the NEATEC website!

Summer 2011

SCME team will be attending the Synergy conference in Providence, Rhode Island, June 22-25

SCME NVC meeting will be held in ABQ on June 29,30

We will be at North Dakota State College of Science July 12-14 for training of NDSCS folks enabling them to create micro pressure sensors and hold workshops including associated kits.

July 25-28  we will be at HI TEC!  There are extra conference passes! - see: HI TEC for program details

August 9-12 - NDSCS will be holding the next Pressure Sensor workshop in Fargo!  SCME will assist in this innaugural event and provide kits and fab support.  See the ND PS Workshop link.

August 28-31 - Matt and Jim will be at COMS 2011 to present and participate plus learn what the latest and greatest Micro Nano products promise to be.

Spring 2011

Check out our Saturday Workshops for Educators:

Previously sponsored SCME events in 2010:

Spring 2011

Spring Microsystems Workshop Series

Fall 2010

Fall Microsystems Workshop Series

  • Micro Cantilever Workshop - Dec. 4 at the MTTC - December
  • BioMEMS Workshop - Nov. 6, at the MTTC
  • Pressure Sensor Model Workshop, Albuquerque, NM - Oct. 16, 10am-3pm

STEM TEC Conference, Orlando FL - November -   www.league.org/stemtech/

ATE PI Conference, Washington DC - Click on The Program - October

AVS - American Vacuum Society will be holding there annual meeting in Albuquerque, NM.  SCME is participating with a MTTC Tour and presentation.  Vacuum systems and sponsorships to the conference is offered by AVS.   www.avs.org/inside.event.aspx - October

Summer 2010

COMS2010 - MANCEF (Micro and Nano Commercialization Education Foundation) is having their annual conference in the Albuquerque area.  This is a globally recognized organization, they have an annual conference in a differennt country every year consider participating in this event.  SCME is planning to sponsor a limited number of STEM secondary and post secondary participalnts.  SCME plans to present, participate in the showcase.   We encourage all to consider attending.  www.mancef.org/COMS

August 2010

  1. MESA Teacher Pre-conference workshop - part of MESA's annual professional development.  We are currently planning on a one-day pre-conference workshop for MESA High School STEM educators.  MESA is coordinating this!  We will be inviting additional educators to this workshop as there is room.  See article: Microsystems Kits Workshop
  2. Pressure Sensor workshop in collaboration with SIPI

HI TEC Conference, pre conference workshop on MEMS fabrication with hands on demonstration.  Orlando - www.highimpact-tec.org/ - July

Our Pressure Sensor Workshop was targeted to secondary and post-secondary, STEM educators.  We had 4 of each come!  We utilized a new format with great success!  - June

Spring 2010

We had our first run-through/training session using our new LIGA Simulation kit - electroplating and lithography.  Many bugs have been worked out and will be part of the next interation of continuous improvement.  Three experience teachers participated in this along with our Co-PI Fabian Lopez, our Innovation Coach, James Hyder, Instructional designer, MJ Willis.  - April

Mini Microsystems Conference one-day event - Introduction topics, Kit hands-on demonstrations - Approx 45 STEM educators from middle and high school, as well as college and university participants. - January

Pressure Sensor Workshop - 10 post secondary educators attended from community colleges and four-year institutions from accross the country - January


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