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Manufacturing Training and Technology Center (MTTC) Cleanroom Events

Here is a listing of the various cleanroom events that the SCME and its partners have been involved in beginning Fall 2009. These events are made possible not only through the National Science Foundation-funded SCME but also through the support of the State of New Mexico and the University of New Mexico.  The MTTC is a multi-user facility, allowing students from High School through Post Graduate degree programs the opportunity to learn and experience Microsystems Fabrication Technologies.  The MTTC not only houses a cleanroom but also several outside enterprises - see the MTTC Website for more details on this facility: http://www-mep.unm.edu/mttc_cleanroom.php

Activities and Events held at the MTTC

  • Classroom Workshops - Model Kits and MEMS Overview
    • These include STEM educator (Mid through University) workshops covering MEMS Fabrication, applications, and career pathway topics as well as half and full-day hands-on workshops.  MTTC Classrooms and Auditorium are utilized for these events.
  • Cleanroom Workshops
    • Cleanroom Workshops include a full week short-course on pressure sensor fabrication where participants learn cleanroom safety protocols, photolithography, wet and dry etching, and deposition processes used in both surface and bulk micromachining of MEMS devices.
  • Presentations
    • Microsystems overview presentations usually coupled with the window tours are often given to a variety of community stake holders including students, teachers, educators, administrators, and economic development and industry personnel.
  • Cleanroom Window Tour - High School, Community College and Public
    • Window tours of the cleanroom allow individuals to "see" into the world of micro-fabrication and get a feel for the complexity of this type of facility.  Participants learn basic concepts on how a cleanroom stays clean and what that means, safety mechanisms, support facilities and chemical delivery systems.
  • CNM and SIPI Introduction to MEMS "Art Wafer"
    • Both Central New Mexico Community College and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute offer advanced technology degree programs and courses.  One of the most popular is the "Introduction the MEMS" class.  As part of this course, students learn about cleanroom safety, and once qualified, can enter the cleanroom for a 3 hour experience where they produce a student-designed and patterned etched silicon wafer.
  • CNM Pressure Sensor Fabrication Class
    • CNM offers a MEMS Fabrication class which utilizes the MTTC Cleanroom and SCME-developed curriculum.  This course teaches the students the ins and outs of a variety of fabrication techniques and puts most of these to practice in the cleanroom.  It is a much more detailed version of the one-week Pressure Sensor workshop offered to educators.
  • CNM Advanced Fabrication Class
    • CNM's Advanced Fabrication Class takes the students on a deeper path to learn details on fabrication processes and understanding of process equipment.  Students complete process charecterization studies to learn how to determine the impact of a variety of input variables on output metrics.  Process charecterization methodologies are a focus of the learning units presented within this course.
  • CNM Semiconductor Fabrication Class (SMT)
    • The lab portion of this course teaches the students how a transistor is made.  At the end of the course, students get to test their transistor.  This covers the basis of CMOS Fabrication.


The following is an arhived listing - we no longer update MTTC events here.

Summer 2011 - Last Update here

June 29, 30 - SCME NVC Meeting

  • Auditorium on the 29th, Conference room on the 30th.  NVC members: 4, SCME staff - 8, SIPI Mentors - 2, Skype NDSCS - 2

July 18, 2011 - MJ/Barb/Matt - 2 classroom sessions, 2hrs, 2 classrooms

  1. Pressure Sensor Model Kit - BL + 6 GAAN Graduate Students
  2. DNA Microarray (Gene Chip) - MJ + 5 GAAN Graduate Students

Summer 2011 SIPI Students, Mentors and Faculty

  • Mentors: April Lujan, Jason Walker; Faculty: James Dunn, Massoud Ahghar
  • Six students, 5 male, 1 female
  • Events (separate days):
  1. Safety Lecture (HM) - 2hr
  2. Safety Tour and Exam (HM) - 2hr
  3. Art Wafer (patterned, etched Oxide wafer) (AL, HM) - 3hr
  4. Pressure Sensor Part 1 (AL, HM)- 3hr
  5. Pressure Sensor Part 2 (AL, HM) - 3hr
  • Note: Dr. Ahghar only attended the safety lecture, the rest of the students, faculty, mentors attended all events.

6/10 - Fab Tour, 10 CNM Students in the AT Survey class, Fabian led

Spring 2011

5/9,10,11 - MNT Conference 1 - SCME led 86 participants over the 2.5 days (20hrs); HS, CC, 4yr and Industry

  • Auditorium, 3 classrooms, handful of folks received cleanroom tours.

Week of 4/20 - Train the Trainer - JH trained 2 UNM grad students (NSMS/GAAN) on the Pressure Sensor Macro Model - about 3hrs

4/8 - Fab Window Tour for Mescalaro HS Students and teacher - Fabian

4/6 - Fab Window Tour for 11 SIPI Students, one faculty, 2hrs - Matt

3/26 - MEMS Innovators Workshop - MJ/Barb - 12 participants, 2 MS, 7 HS, 1 CC, 2 University

2/26 - Pressure Sensor Process Kit Workshop- MJ/Barb - 8 participants, 7HS and 1 University

2/16 - Fab Window Tour for 5 SIPI faculty and visitors - Matt

2/11 - Fab Window Tour for 4 SIPI Students - Matt

1/24 - CNM Survey Class - 9 students came for an overview of what MEMS are, the CNM program and a window tour of the fab. - Matt

1/22/2011 - MEMS Applications and Pressure Sensor Model kit - BL/MJ - 2 MS, 8 HS

1/11 - Belen HS Field trip - 26 students, 2 teachers and the bus driver attended this 4 hour event.  Groups (3) were given cleanroom window and robotics lab tours.

1/4 - 1/8 - Pressure Sensor Workshop - 7 faculty from 6 institutions attended.  Spilt between hands-on kit workshops and sensor fabrication in the cleanroom. 

Fall 2010

12/4/2010 - Cantilever Workshop for Educators - MP - 10 participants, 1 MS, 9 HS

11/6/2011 - BioMEMS and GeneChip Model Kit Workshop - MJ - 13 participants - 3 MS, 10 HS

11/15/2010 - MEMS Advisory Board and participants - tour of the MTTC cleanroom facilities.

11/2010 - CNM Intro to MEMS classes, 14 students attend the clean room experience and fabricated patterned silicon dioxide wafers.

11/2010 - CNM Intro to MEMS classes, 14 students received safety tour and written test

10/29/2010 - CNM Intro to MEMS classes, 14 students received safety lecture from Harold Madsen

10/22/2010 - CNM Survey of Applied Technologies toure - 9 students (2 female) and one instructor where introduced to the world of microsystems complete with a tour of the cleanroom facilities.  Given by Dr. Pleil

10/18/2010 - Amercian Vacuum Society Conference - tour for 22 High and Middle school teachers of the cleanroom and robotics facility, included and overview of MEMS and fabrication.  Presentation was also given at the AVS conference 10/18/2010.

Summer 2010

8/10-13/2010 - Pressure Sensor Workshop - 9 post secondary educators from around the country attended this SCME hosted event.  Activities included topics on cleanroom safety, protocol and processing an actual pressure sensor in the cleanroom.  Classroom activities included experience with SCME hands-on classroom kits. Click on the Agenda for details.

8/10/2010 - CNM Photonics Workshop for HS Teachers.  10 HS teachers from area school attended 1/2 day of a 2 day workshop hosted by CNM and SCME.  These teachers were given a short overview of Microsystems/MEMS and a Fab tour by Dr. Pleil and Fabian Lopez.

7/23 - CNM AT Survey class of 3 students - fab tour (Fabian), overview of MEMS and the MEMS program (Pleil)

6/18 - CNM AT Survey class of 10 students heard an overview of What MEMS are, a little about the program at CNM and where also given a window tour of the MTTC Cleanroom.  Four students are interested in taking the Intro to MEMS class this fall.

6/1 - 6/5 2010 - Pressure Sensor Workshop - 8 faculty from around the country participated in our new 5 day pressure sensor workshop.  This time we incorporated several of our kit workshops with the pressure sensor cleanroom activity and split the group in two to promote teaming and more hands-on opportunities.  Participants included four High School teachers from New Mexico and Vermont, and four post-secondary educators from  VA, MA, IL and PA. 

Spring 2010

4/27/2010 - Presented Intro to MEMS Program and Toured 5 CNM AT Survey students plus instructor. 

4/23/2010 - National Visiting Commitee for the SCME

4/22/2010 - John Wood gave a short tour of the cleanroom to Kristi Jean and Jana Kasper from NDSCS and a HS in ND - they were here for our SCME NVC Meeting.

4/21/2010 - 7 CNM students from CSE students toured the MTTC.  This is a career exploration course offered by SAGE at CNM.  2 female, 5 male students - 2hr activity.

4/17/2010 - 3 secondary educators assisted in beta-testing our latest kit - LIGA - was led by our CoPI - Fabian Lopez.  Our curriculum developer and Synergy coach refined the learning module and activities taking in the highly constructive inputs.  Anna organized the event and Nic was the technical support. 

4/9/2010 - 6 CNM Intro to MEMs students participated in the cleanroom "Art" wafer activity.  Students patterned and etched a silicon dioxide coated wafer.  5 male, 1 female student, 3hrs cleanroom activity.

4/7/2010 - 19 CNM Engineering Survey (ENGR1010) students were given a tour of the MTTC facility and given an overview of what jobs are available in microsystems, including technician and engineering, safety and facilities support as well as high tech equipment and processes.  4 women, 15 men ranging from High School Dual Credit through post degree students.

4/2/2010 - 6 CNM's Introduction to MEMS students completed their safety orientation, test,  and fab tour.

3/30/2010 - CNM's Survey of Technical Careers is a 1 credit hour class; as part of this class, SCME supports a presentation in the Auditorium followed by a cleanroom window tour.  Five students plus the instructor attended this three hour event.

2/16/2010 - CNM's Survey of Technical Careers - 3 hour event including presentation and clean room window tour.  Approximately 12 students and their instructor attended.

1/9/2010 - The Mini Microsystems Conference included 27  attendees, 1-elementary, 9-mid school, 15-high school, 1-CC and 1-Non profit STEM educators.  They saw several overview presentations on Microsystems applications, history, and fabrication methods and participated in several hands-on classroom kit demonstrations.  Kits were distributed to all the participants for use in their classroom.  The MTTC auditorium and several classrooms where utilized in this event sponsored by the SCME.  Presentors included the entire SCME staff and several of its Co-PI's while being evaluated by our external evaluator.

1/5 - 1/9/2010 - Pressure Sensor Workshop - We had a total of 11 particpants in this session including 7 educators from Ruidoso High School, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Mass Bay Community College, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and the University of Florida and 2 from North Dakota State College of Science and 2 from CNM Community College.  The other two participants were the SCME's industry liason and partner from Intel and our external evaluator.  At the end of this event we included a one-day MEMS Innovators Workshop for these participants where they put their freshly learned knowledge and skills to work and, in teams, developed original MEMS devices.

Fall 2009


CNM 2001 - MEMS Fabrication class consisted of 14 students including one high school teacher from Socorro with his 11 high school students.  These students ranged from Sophmore through Senior levels and included 3 girls.  The other two students were CNM students.  This course was taught as a hybrid class, part online and part face-to-face.  The lab sessions were held at the MTTC Cleanroom where the students fabricated a MEMS pressure sensor.  These Socorro high school students were bussed up from Socorro once a week to attend the face to face class which was made possible through a Dept. of Labor WIRED grant.


Six Albuquerque HS students and teacher particpated in a cleanroom experience and tour with Fabian Lopez.


CNM ENGR1010 - Survey of Engineering class was given a tour of the MTTC Cleanroom.   17 pre-engineering students from CNM participated in this tour, two of which later signed up for the Introduction to MEMS Spring 2010 Hybrid class at CNM.

11/2 - 11/5/2009

Pressure Sensor Workshop - A nanotechnology faculty member and her 6 nanotechnology students from Northwest Vista College in San Antonio Texas came to New Mexico and each fabricated their own pressure sensor.  This is a two-year nano-tech program which has greatly benefited from this workshop.  This was the second year that a group from this college has participated in this event.


Pressure Sensor Workshop - A total of 5 faculty participated from: Danville Community College, Chippewa Valley Technical College, Penn State University, Indiana University, and Bowling Green State University.


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