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Dr. Pleil with Student at the MTTC
Teaching students about Microsystems Fabrication
Barbara Lopez at the MTTC
Teaching students the importance of safety in the clean room
Mathew, Olivia and Andy
Developing the chamber (backside) pressure sensor pattern
Olivia in the MTTC
Olivia is an EET student from Ivy Tech learning about MEMS fabrication
March Reactive Ion Etcher
Etching the Silicon Nitride hard mask
Rick and Andy using the March RIE
Rick and Andy etching the backside chamber mask pattern into the silicon nitride hard mask.
Rick using the |dq|AAA|dq| rule
Rick from Rio Salado learning how to fabricate a MEMS Pressure Sensor at UNM's MTTC cleanroom
SCME PS Workshop
Team Work during the SCME 8/2015 PS Workshop
Metal Evaporation
SCME Workshop - Cr/Au evaporation

Cool MEMS Application Videos

As MEMS applications become more and more omni present - there are more and more MEMS videos to watch.  This blog is intended for me to share cool videos I find in my day to day work as a Microsystems (MEMS) educator.  If you find a video you would like me to add - by all means send me the link!  Check out the Video Links for other topics related to Micro/Nano technologies!

Microsampling Air Pollution - two MEMS based systems linked to an Android phone - tracking local environment of the user as he moves about throughout the day!


This category includes videos made by tech students.

SCME has developed many animations to explain and demonstrate a wide variety of concepts.

This category will include links to external MEMS and related sites which can be used to supplement your education on microsystems.


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