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MEMS Cantilevers Learning Module

This category includes the MEMS Cantilever Learning Module (Instructor guide, Participant guide and PowerPoint presentations). This learning module contains instructional material as well as activities and assessments that allow instructors and students to learn more about MEMS Cantilevers - their applications and operations. This material includes topics and activities on the applications of microcantilevers, how they work, and how they are fabricated.

The Microcantilever Model Kit (formerly Dynamic Cantilever) support the related activity found in this learning module.


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MEMS Cantilevers - Animations MEMS Cantilevers - Animations

Date added: 02/22/2010
Date modified: 04/26/2012
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These are the animations that support the MEMS Cantilevers Learning Module and the PowerPoint presentations.

MEMS Cantilevers - Participant Guide MEMS Cantilevers - Participant Guide

Date added: 02/22/2010
Date modified: 04/26/2012
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MEMS Cantilevers Learning Module - Participant (Student) Guide


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