News Flash: Check this great site out - Cantilever Array Sensor Group - this is one of the most comprehensive sites on cantilever micro/nano sensor technology - a great supplement to SCME's Cantilever Learning Module and Kit found in our Educational Materials section.  You can also search our website (bottom of the home page) on "cantilever" to get a listing of other SCME resources, including animations.

Microcantilevers Learning Module

This category includes the Microcantilevers Learning Module (Instructor guide, Participant guide and PowerPoint presentations). This learning module contains instructional material as well as activities and assessments that allow instructors and students to learn more about microcantilevers - their applications and operations. This material includes topics and activities on the applications of microcantilevers, how they work, and how they are fabricated.

The Microcantilever Model Kit (formerly Dynamic Cantilever) supports the related activity found in this learning module.


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Microcantilevers LM - Animations Microcantilevers LM - Animations

Date added: 02/22/2010
Date modified: 06/15/2014
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These are the animations that support the MEMS Cantilevers Learning Module and the PowerPoint presentations.

Microcantilevers LM Participant Guides - Books 1 and 2 Microcantilevers LM Participant Guides - Books 1 and 2

Date added: 11/23/2010
Date modified: 06/15/2014
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The Microcantilevers Learning Module is quite large; therefore, we have provided you the choice of downloading the entire learning module in one pdf (see Microcantilever - Participant Guide below) OR as two pdfs (Book 1 and 2).  This folder contains Book 1 (three primary knowledge SCOs) and Book 2 (two activities).

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