Chemical Lab Safety Rules Learning Module

This safety module covers some of the standard safety rules that one must apply when working in a fabrication facility or laboratory that contains hazardous chemicals.

This learning module - Chemical Lab Safety Rules - covers safety rules for one's personal safety when working with and around chemicals, handling and pouring chemicals properly, the specifics for working with solvents vs. corrosives, spill or leak response, and many other areas.  An activity and assessment are including in this learning module along with an observation checklist that you could use to observe participants in a laboratory environment and ensure that the safety rules are being adhered to.

The Participant Guide is available to the general public.  The Instructor Guide and supporting presentation are available to registered users.


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Chemical Lab Safety Rules -Participant Guide Chemical Lab Safety Rules -Participant Guide

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Chemical Lab Safety Rules Learning Module - Participant (Student) Guide

The purpose of this learning module is to instruct you on the general safety rules for facilities and laboratories that use chemicals, and to allow you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of these rules and ability to apply these rules in a lab environment.

This learning module contains an instructional unit, activity and assessments (written and observational).

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