Bulk Micromachining - An Etch ProcesActivity files

The Bulk Micromachining - An Etch Process Kit and Activity is part of the Etch Overview for Microsystems Learning Module and the MTTC Micro Pressure Sensor Process Learning Module.  In this activity participants perform and observe an anisotropic etch process using a chip that has been patterned with silicon nitride to identify the areas to be etched.  This particular etch process is used to form a cavity on the backside of a silicon wafer.  This cavity is the reference chamber for a MEMS pressure sensor.

Because of the chemical used for this process (sodium hydroxide), a fume hood and special personal protective equipment is required.  Participants are also required to study the Material Safety Data Sheet for sodium hydroxide prior to starting the activity.  All lab and chemical safety rules must be applied went completing this activity.

The kit contains seven (7) chips as well as a teflon chip holder.  It also contains a small scale for measuring the sodium hydroxide, and a 1 liter beaker for the process chemical.  Due to regulations concerning the shipping of hazardous materials, the instructor is required to supply the sodium hydroxide (heavy duty drain cleaner).

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