Microcantilever Activity files

The Microcantilever kit and activity are part of the Microcantilever Learning Module.  This activity provides participants an opportunity to explore the motion of a dynamic cantilever under a varying mass and various dimensions, and to determine the relationship that expresses the resonant frequency of a cantilever as a function of mass or size.  This activity simulates the dynamic mode of operation for microcantilevers used in MEMS sensors.

For this activity, participants are required to produce a Lab Report that contains the data collected, graphs showing the relationship of two variables,  observations and results.

The Microcantilever Kit contains cantilevers of different widths, thicknesses and materials.  Clamps for mounting the cantilevers to a table and "mass" objects are also included in the kit.  The Microcantilever activity can be found in the Microcantilever Learning Module (Book 2).  The learning module Participant Guide is available to everyone.  However, to access the Instructor Guide and related PowerPoint presentations, you must be a registered user of this site.

To further explore the operation of cantilever and how cantilevers are used in microtechnology, instructors and participants should study the materials provided in the complete Microcantilever Learning Module.  This module provides information on MEMS cantilevers applications, how a cantilever works, and chemical sensor arrays (micro-size devices that use microcantilevers to sense a variety of chemicals, gases, orders, etc.).

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