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LIGA Micromachining Activities and Presentation

This folder contain the activities module for LIGA Micromachining.  LIGA (LIthographie (Lithography), Galvanoformung (electroforming), and Abformung (molding)) is a microtechnology fabrication method that yields micro-sized components and devices with high aspect ratio (tall and narrow).  In LIGA fabrication x-rays generated by a synchroton are used to carve out deep patterns in a resist material.  These patterns are then electroplated to form the desired structure or used as molds for MEMS components.

The LIGA Micromachining module includes four activities that allow participants to explore micromachining fabrication:

  • LIGA Micromachining Research Activity
  • LIGA Micromachining - Lithography & Electroplating Activities - Parts I and II
  • LIGA Micromachining Terminology Activity

SCME provides a kit that supports the lithography and electroplating activities.  The kit contains most of the materials needed to simulate the lithography and electroforming steps of the LIGA process.  For a list of kit contents see LIGA Micromachining -Lithography & Electroplating Activities in the LIGA Micromachining Activities module.  A supporting PowerPoint presentation is also included in this category and can be downloaded by registered users.

These activities support the MEMS Micromachining Learning Module.  Instructors and participants should study the MEMS Micromachining Primary Knowledge unit prior to completing this activities module in order to gain a basic understanding of MEMS micromachining and the terminology associated with it.

To learn more about the LIGA Learning Module and activities, and to order the LIGA Micromachining -Lithography & Electroplating Kit, please visit the kit store LIGA Micromachining - Lithography & Electroplating Kit

The following SCME YouTube videos can be used to support the various concepts introduced in this learning module.

LIGA Micromachining Overview (7:25 minutes)

LIGA Micromachining Process Animation (1:11 minutes)


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LIGA Micromachining Activities - Participant Guide LIGA Micromachining Activities - Participant Guide

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LIGA Micromachining Simulation Activities - Participant (Student) Guide

These activities simulate the lithography and electroplating processes used in LIGA micromachining.  They also have you research some of the aspects of LIGA as well as test your understanding of the terminology and general concepts. 

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