DNA Microarray Learning Module

This category contains the files for the DNA Microarray Learning Module. 

This module covers how DNA microarrays are used in various biomedical applications.  It also allows the participants to explore how DNA microarrays are fabricated and interpreted, and to discuss the questions being raised about the ethics of such devices.

This learning module is supported by several short videos on YouTube:

An Introduction to DNA Microarrays (9:54 minutes)

How Does A DNA Microarray Work?  (7:03 minutes)

DNA Microarray Fabrication (10:40 minutes)

DNA Hybridization Animation (0:29 seconds)

DNA Microarray Animation (0:55 seconds)



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DNA Microarray LM PG (DNA Microarray Model Kit) DNA Microarray LM PG (DNA Microarray Model Kit)

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This learning module provides an overview of DNA microarrays, what they do, how they work, how they are fabricated, and how they are used. 

Participants will explore DNA hybridization, the applications of DNA microarray, and the ethics of their use. 

A DNA Microarray Model Kit allows students to build a macro-sized DNA microarray and simulate its use and interpretation.

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