DNA Microarray Model Kit

The DNA Microarray Model kit and activity are part of the DNA Microarray Learning Module.  This activity provides participants an opportunity to explore the photolithography fabrication process used to build a GeneChip, a DNA microarray developed by Affymetrix.  Participants will "fabricate" a three oligonucleotide (oligo) 8 x 8 array.  The activity also provides the opportunity for participants to "hybridize" oligos to sample DNA sequences, and to determine the reliability of the DNA microarray test by interpreting the "hybridized" oligos.

The DNA Microarray Model Kit contains an array board, beads that represent DNA's four nucleotide bases, photolithography masks and test sample DNA "models".   The DNA Microarray Model activity can be found in the DNA Microarray Learning Module.  The learning module Participant Guide is available to everyone.  However, to access the Instructor Guide, related PowerPoint presentations and animations you must be a registered user of this site.

For more information on DNA microarrays, their applications, function and fabrication, instructors and participants should study the materials provided in the DNA Microarray Learning Module.

To order this kit, please go to our kit store.

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