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This Category includes the Comparison of Scale - Macro, Micro, Nano Learning Module (Instructor guide, Participant guide and PowerPoint presentation).  In order to grasp many of the concepts associated with MEMS and MEMS devices and components, one needs to understand scale and the size of objects associated with different scales. This learning module contains instructional material as well as activities and assessments that allow students to better understand scale, specifically scale in the micro and nano ranges.  Students identify and study objects 100 microns in size, and smaller.

The following SCME YouTube video can be used to support the concepts introduced in this learning module:

Comparison of Scale (14:28 minutes)


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Comparison Of Scale Participant (Student) Guide Comparison Of Scale Participant (Student) Guide

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Comparison of Scale Learning Module - Participant Guide

This learning module introduces various concepts of scale:

  • How scale is relative
  • The scale of things
  • Linear and logarithmic scales
  • Macro vs. Micro vs. Nanoscales
  • The scale of microtechnology
  • The scale of nanotechnology

You will explore a range of scales from macro to nano and identify various objects that fall into each scale.  You will demonstrate their understanding of scale through a variety of activities.

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