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Pressure Sensor Model Activity files

The Pressure Sensor Model Activity and Kit is part of the Wheatstone Bridge Learning Module.  In this activity participants build a macro-size pressure sensor model that uses a Wheatstone bridge as the sensing circuit. The operation and analysis of the model is similar to that of a MEMS pressure sensor.  After building the model students observe and analyze the effects that pressure has on the diaphragm and Wheatstone bridge circuit.

The kit provides the majority of supplies needed to build this model.  However, the instructor will have to supply a few things.  To see a list of the kit items and the items that need to be provide by the instructor, go to the Wheatstone Bridge Learning Module, and then scroll down to the Pressure Sensor Model Activity.  To access the Instructor Guide and the supporting presentations for this activity and learning module, you must be a registered user of this site.

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Pressure Sensor Model Activity PG Pressure Sensor Model Activity PG

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This is the Participant Guide for the Pressure Sensor Model Activity and Kit.


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