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Science of Thin Films Activity files

The Science of Thin Films Kit and activity is part of the Deposition Overview for Microsystems Learning Module.  The Science of Thin Films activity allows the participants to explore a few of the basic concepts of microfabrication - such as thermal oxidation, thin film interference, and silicon dioxide (oxide) etch.  Participants interpret oxidation graphs, estimate oxide thicknesses, and calculate etch rates.  They also observe how light affects the physical appearance of transparent thin films.

The kit contains two (2) rainbow wafers.  A rainbow wafer is an oxidized silicon wafer that has been etched using a manual process resulting in several layers of oxide of different thicknesses. To view the activity open the Deposition Overview for Microsystems Learning Module (Participant Guide available to everyone) and scrolled down to the Rainbow Wafer Activity.  The Deposition Overview for Microsystems Learning Module folder also contains a PowerPoint presentation for this activity as well as the Instructor Guide.  However, you must be a registered user to access these documents.

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