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Have you ever wondered where the term "MEMS" came from?

Read J.E. Wood's account:

Click Here:  pdf  A brief history of the term Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

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Image Kits for the Classroom

This category contains information about the SCME kits that are available to instructors who are planning to incorporate MEMS Technology into their classroom and are looking for exciting, thought-provoking activities.

  1. Bulk Micromachining - An Etch Process Activity and Kit (formerly Anisotropic Etch)
  2. Crystallography Activities and Kits
  3. DNA Microarray Model Activity and Kit (formerly GeneChip Model)
  4. Microcantilever Model Activity and Kit (formerly Dynamic Cantilever)
  5. Surface Micromachining-Lift-Off Activity and Kit (formerly Lift-off Kit)
  6. LIGA Micromachining -Lithography & Electroplating Activities and Kit
  7. MEMS: Making Micro Machines DVD Kit
  8. Learning Microsystems through Problem Solving Activity and Kit (formerly MEMS Innovators)
  9. Modeling a Micro Pressure Sensor Activity Kit (formerly Pressure Sensor Model Kit)
  10. Micro Pressure Sensor Process Activity and Kit
  11. Science of Thin Films Activity and Kit (formerly Rainbow Wafer)

To order a kit using a credit card, visit the Kit Store.

To order a kit using a Purchase Order, contact Anna Garden (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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