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Folder Introductory Topics

This Category includes the following Introductory Topics in MEMS and Microsystems for download to registered users.  There are some sample materials available for non-registered users.

NOTE:  The Pressure Sensor Model Kit supports an activity in the Wheatstone Bridge Learning Module.

  1. Comparison of Scale:  Macro, Micro, Nano
  2. Units of Weights and Measures
  3. History of MEMS
  4. MEMS: Making Micro Machines (MEMS DVD Kit)
  5. Introduction to Transducers
  6. Introduction to Sensors
  7. Introduction to Actuators
  8. Micro Pressure Sensors & The Wheatstone Bridge (Modeling a Micro Pressure Sensor Kit)


Folder Comparison of Scale
Folder History of MEMS
Folder Introduction to Actuators LM
Folder Introduction to Sensors LM
Folder Introduction to Transducers LM
Folder Making MicroMachines LM and DVD Kit
Folder Micro Pressure Sensors & The Wheatstone Bridge LM
Folder Transducers, Sensors, and Actuators - An Intro
Folder Weights and Measures LM


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