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Have you ever wondered where the term "MEMS" came from?

Read J.E. Wood's account:

Click Here:  pdf  A brief history of the term Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

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Welcome to the Southwest Center for Microsystems Education

Welcome to the SCME-NM.org Website!  

Funded by the National Science Foundation, DUE #1205138

My name is Matthias Pleil, I am the Principal Investigator for the Southwest Center for Microsystems Education, a National Science Foundation supported Advanced Technological Education Center at the University of New Mexico.  Welcome to our site!   Follow me on Twitter and check out the MEMS for High School Students Facebook page.twitter_logo.png

The SCME offers professional development and educational materials to excite and engage secondary and post secondary students in the field of Microsystems (MEMS) technology.  This is a fast growing, multidisciplinary field.  Microsystems products are found in all the gadgets we use today and require a high level of technical skills by the people who manufacture, design and integrate these devices.  By engaging students in learning where these Microsystems are used, how they are made and why they should care, we, as educators, can get them to see the relevancy and importance in learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


There is a great 8min video Intro to MEMS by the MEMS Industry Group.  Also check out "Making Micro Machines" if you want details! Another good video is TI's description of the DLP Digital MicroMirror Device

If you are an industry member - we invite to participate - check out "Jim's Corner" - Jim Hyder is our industry liaison and innovation coach.

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This site promises to become more useful for our stake-holders and partners.  We are using an open-source Content Management Software system called Joomla!   It is very powerful and not too hard to learn.  The Joomla! users have one of the largest networks I've seen, and I have yet to find a problem that hasn't been solved and posted.  Feel free to offer suggestions and comments about our website - you can email Matt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have great ideas on micro technology education or want us to come to your neck of the woods to produce a workshop - we are open to this.



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